Monday, January 4, 2010

Applique Name shirts and other fun projects

Lauren has been wanting a 'Hello Kitty' shirt for a while and I finally had some time to do a few things for her. I added Lauren's first initial to the bow for a little individuality.
This is a project Lauren and I did over our winter break. These are tissue cases. They are really neat because this is the 'tissue' time of year and they keep your tissue package from getting destroyed in the bottom of your purse.
I bought the little pants (to the right) back in the fall and have been trying to figure out something interesting to do on the shirt....well as you can see the old faithful stand-by won out. I just embroidered her name in multicolors on the front of the shirt, it is cute and versitile.
I finally got a larger hoop so now I can do these adorable applique name shirts. Lauren's was the first one I did using my new hoop so it didn't turn out perfect but it is still cute I think. The top is a school spirit shirt. I think these will be a fun change to the typical school shirts.

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  1. I need me a tissue cover!!! You know me...I am the kleenex queeen. :-)