Monday, October 26, 2009

One of my favorite new font's. It is a circle applique with a letter applique inside. It is so "simply cute" that it works for any age or gender of kid!
This is the Fall outfit I made for Lauren. I mixed a couple of different pumpkin designs to come up with this one I could use her initials with. I really like how it turned out!
Close up of the design.

This is a picture of the kids in their spirit wear for school. I have since gotten some really cute applique designs that would be great for spirit wear too. I am anxious to stitch those out and post them.

Believe it or not I have been super busy sewing, designing and embroidering. I just haven't been so good at posting pictures! Which is unfortunate because I have had some things turn out really cute! I have a lot of new designs and I am adding them to my side bar but keep in mind these are not photo's of my work, just the design I bought from a I didn't choose the colors etc.


  1. I like Laurens shirt...close up...very cute!

  2. Once again, cute designs and models! Janna is wanting to see her friend Lauren:) We're thinking a south trip is on our agenda in Feb.