Friday, May 29, 2009

New designs

These are all patterns I have downloaded from the websites I bought them from so I don't necessarily have these materials. But I can stitch any of them out in any fabric choice I have that you want. I will be posting these on the sidebar so you can view them later on too! I have stitched out this hibiscus multiple times and it is very cute!Click here for the picture of the one I stitched out.
This is an adorable swimsuit that would look cute on a beach towel or a swimsuit cover-up or a beach bag! Lots of cute possibilities

I did stitch out this rocket for Zane and it is very cute! I haven't taken a picture of Zane's yet but I will post one soon!

This is a very cute race car that I haven't stitched out yet but it is very simplistic so it will be very versatile!
This is a different hibiscus that I just bought. I like it because it is a one material applique, so it will be easy to incorporate a fun material.

This is a new applique font I just got. I think it will be adorable on kids items!

I have had this cupcake for a while but haven't had a reason to stitch it out yet...although I have an order to do 8 of them so I will be stitching it soon! I will post those photo's as soon as I get them!
I got this basketball recently because I thought it would be great for older boys. It is simple and can be made into any team or just left plain.

My daughter is in ballet and begged for me to get this pattern for her so I am pretty sure it is going to show up on a bag and a t-shirt soon... :)

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