Monday, November 22, 2010

Loving the Owls!

This is the little Indian boy I put on a shirt for Zane's Thanksgiving Feast...they are acting the part of the Indian's so of course I had to make him a shirt to go with the theme. :)

Lauren's initial on a sweatshirt. I thought it would be a simple enough design to go with anything. I love these fabrics!

Ok, I am absolutely addicted to Owls lately! I found these on Applique Chic, and fell in love! I bought the little pink corduroy pants at Target and added a ruffle to match the owl. I have to say adding a ruffle to existing pants is so much quicker than making them from scratch!
Zane's dog patch, I added a zigzag stitch to the dog to give it a different look than the satin stitch. I like the way it turned out! (as you may notice also, Zane's name isn't showing up on his more recent shirts! I have a stack of Zane shirts I am having a hard time getting rid of.)

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  1. OH those owls are SUPER cute!! I think I am going to have to add those to my applique collection!! =) AND..I love the idea of adding a ruffle to existing pants..that's going to my (endless) to do list!! Great stuff!