Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spring colors!

This is a spring outfit I made for Lauren. I bought these fabrics a few weeks ago because I loved the colors. So today I decided it was time to do something for my kiddo's again and I pulled it out. This fabric makes me happy. :) 
After I had finished the outfit..(this is actually shirt # 2, shirt #1 turned out to be too big so I made another that more than likely will only fit her through this spring... :(  ) I decided it needed something more and did a search for fabric flowers. I found this blog with instructions. I love how it turned out. I glued it to a barrette so she will wear it in her hair. Although it would look cute as a pin or on a headband.

1 comment:

  1. very, VERY cute outfit!! Could you adopt Lia as your daughter. Well, I mean, not really, you could just send her some clothes. ;) Seriously - I LOVE your work!

    (verification word - sester) ;)