Sunday, January 31, 2010

Eastershirts & more

ThisThis little shirt has Catey Beths name in multicolors and with little diamonds in the curls. I matched it to the pants but the best part is it could be worn with lots of options because of all of the colors!

These little flip flops are on an adorable little swimsuit cover up. I am really loving this summer design! ( I am just about finished with winter!!!)

Easter shirts for siblings, big brother, little sister and baby brother. Won't they look sweet this Easter?

Tabs are a great way of giving these overall's a little more wear. They can be worn for Christmas with the Christmas-y design or for anytime with the little airplane tab.


  1. wow - these look great! LOVE the material the bunnies are made of !

  2. Adorable!!! How do we get in touch with you?