Monday, July 6, 2009

Cuteness for the little girls!

This is a wrap-skirt I made for Lauren, it is reversible. I took this picture before we left for church so I didn't get the other side. It is in the other material on her flower applique that is on her shirt. Also note the matching headband on this outfit and the next. The pattern is really nice, it uses elastic so they stay in place great!
This is the ruffled capri's. I LOVE them! They are so cute, girly, and fun! ( I am sorry the color seems to look faded out in this pic but the material is very bright and colorful!)

Here is another outfit from the same pattern. The one thing I learned from trying out these two outfits is quality materials matter. The red and white polka dot material faded after just one washing. I prefer using the better quality (more expensive) material, but I will gladly make them to order.


  1. are looking SO sytlin'! The second picture with the pants and headband...remind my of the 70's...lovin' it!

  2. Your site looks great! I agree with Darcie, very stylin model:)