Friday, March 27, 2009

Girl Stuff!

I am not crazy about this jumper but I love the frog applique. It is super cute and will do great for sister/brother outfits or just for a sweet little girl shirt, jumper, bag, etc...
This is the jumper design I like and will use for jumpers. The applique is a cute colorful icecream cone on the polkadot dress and just a simple "Chubz" L with her name going through it on the blue gingham dress.

Very cute and summer design for a little girl. Curlz applique letter with name going through it in embroidery curlz.

My favorite design this summer is this cute flipflop applique. It has endless color possibilities and it can be used on so many items. Bags, beach towels, shirts, coverups, jumpers.....

Cute happy frog applique.

Hibiscus flower applique.

Curlz applique letter with name embroidered in curlz.

Hibiscus flower applique again.(with ribbon accent)

Lollipop applique.

This is a " Crazy Daisy" applique. It is a fun versatile design for any occasion.

Same "Crazy Daisy" applique in different colors.

Cute little "Pirate Girl" applique.

This is a embroidery desgn. It is cute and more little girlish.

I love this applique font. It is very fun and 'chunky' so you can see lots of the material.

Brown Pillowcase Dress for Autumn with a cute candy corn applique.

This is a fuzzy black and white zebra print Pillowcase dress with a fun colorful flower applique.

Applique L (or any letter) with a name going through it. Very cute simple look.

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